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I want to use this space as an online creative outlet for ideas, music, a small little haven and resource for myself, musicians and yoga doing/ or crazy creatives. Posting on social media can be somewhat overwhelming and or scary to some, (including myself) however I will share my process at all stages of my development. So nothing here will be perfect.

I thought I would share a happy moment. On Friday the 27th of May at 20:00 I had my final concert for my masters of music. It was entitled Prejudice Volume 2 at Bergen Kjøtt. I chose a unique concert venue, which is an old meat factory of 2000 square metres that has been transformed into a concert space, recording studio shared by artists and musicians alike. On this evening I shared the space with an art exhibition which was entitled Pop Up. The exhibition was a collection of different artists from Bergen, and they had the official opening of the exhibition at 19:00 before my concert.

Aerial Bergen Kjøtt

It was just pure fun. I played with some of my favourite musicians and people. I went in with my never ending theme of playing different styles of music and as a hybrid baroque violinist I played Biber’s Mystery Sonata no.4 and Ciaconna by Bertali with the grooviest harpsichordist Daniel Tang Gunderson. Some of my favourite music, and I love the resonance of my violin in Scordatura (Different tunings; the Biber piece was tuned D, A, D, A)

Biber Mystery Sonata No.4


Daniel Tung Gunderson

I also played was Steve Reich’s Violin Phase for 3 pre recorded tracks of myself that were played on the PA system, while i played the 4th track live. Rhythmically this piece twisted my brain backwards and inside out as I had to learn to play out of time with myself which was weird and fun all at the same time.

Steve Reich Violin Phase

I was joined by my dearest friends and colleagues in Rosella to play two works for string quartet. Fratres by Arvo Part and Shostakovich String Quartet no.8. Incredibly beautiful music, that I hope to work more with in the future.

Rosella String quartet

Jarle Hovda Moe was there taking some pictures which you can see in this post. I also had Davide Bertolini recording the sound, and Adrien Le Gall on Videography. There will be some more posts about this soon! I would like to thank everyone that was involved, the people from Bergen Kjøtt, the musicians, Ricardo my Violin teacher, friends that came to the concert, Jarle Hovda Moe, Davide Bertolini, Adrien Le Gall and of course my grandparents and parents that travelled across from the opposite side of the world to be there! Having them there made it truely special.

This is a somewhat strange and exciting transitional period of my life, that I hope by documenting can encourage other musicians to take some risks also!



Carmen Bóveda



Johanne Skaansar


Mira Aas


musical feet




Daniel T Gunderson















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  1. lovely as usual Claudia you are very talented and very lucky to have such a gift you can work with luv xx

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